Gutter Cleaning Milford MA

Gutter Cleaning in Milford MA

You can’t always tell when you gutters need service. Typically when its raining, you aren’t outside walking around your house looking at your gutters. They are usually at least 10-20 feet above the ground and not everyone has a ladder. So how can you tell if your gutters need service without standing in the pouring rain or risking your safety by climbing ladders? Here are some tell tale signs:



Gutter Cleaning Milford MA

If your gutters are installed properly, they should be angled slightly to allow gravity to pull the water towards the downspout.  What you see in this picture is where the water from a heavy rain flowed to the end of the gutter but the downspout was clogged.  So it spilled over the edge.  The force of the water hitting the ground has pushed all of the mulch away in a circular pattern.




Gutter Cleaning Milford MA

Here you see where the water has overflowed from the gutter and the water has splashed the mulch onto the foundation and onto the siding as well.  The purpose of gutter systems is to channel water away from your house.  It is especially important here in Massachusetts because most houses have basements.  When water is allowed to puddle up near the foundation it tends to permeate through the concrete foundation and into your basement causing costly water damage that if left untreated could cause extensive damage and mold growth.  And of course you obviously don’t want your house to get dirty but if it does, we can pressure wash it for you.



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When the gutters or downspouts are clogged, water simply has no where else to go but over the edge.  The water can either flow over the front or over the back side of the gutter.  If it flows over the backside it can cause the wooden fascia to rot.  In this situation its flowing over the front.  You can tell because it carries some of the debris with it and it sticks to the front side of the gutters.




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A very obvious sign that you have a potential problem would be trees growing from the gutter.  Trees typically don’t grow without some sort of substrate to root into.  So there is more than likely a good amount of debris that is enough to help support plant life.


All of these problems that I have pictured were all caused by lack of maintenance.  Hiring someone fore needed seasonal service should be a priority to prevent ice dams, rotting wood, icicles, water damage, etc…

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