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While window cleaning in Hopkinton the other day, my customer commented on how much brighter the room looked.  That got me thinking about how much brighter the room could be.  I was considering purchasing a par meter to measure how much light comes through the window before and after the cleaning.  There is absolutely a noticeable difference in the room but how much brighter? Is the room actually brighter or does the soiling on the glass change the color of the light coming through the glass which in turn changes the color of the objects inside the room?  Is our eye picking up the change in color or the brightness or both.

We’ve all driven down the street after a snow storm when the salt spray from the road mists onto the glass.  Personally I think that the windshield looks brighter when the sun comes through it.  It really hurts my eyes.  After cleaning the window the light seems to be less bright.  Light bulbs have coatings of phosphor on the glass that cause it to emit light that is visible to the eye.  Different mixtures of this material cause the bulb to emit different color temperatures.  These color temps are measured in Kelvin.  Anyone that has ever changed a light bulb from a standard yellow bulb which is around 3000K to a daylight bulb which is 6500K.  The color difference is entirely dependent on the coating on the glass.  Energy Stars website shows a great example of what I’m talking about, you can see it here

So how can window cleaning help brighten your day?  Call Wagner Window Service today and find out.  We will remove that coating on your glass that changes the light in your house.  It’s amazing the difference that window cleaning can do.  Professional window cleaning leaves no streaks behind, and leaves your glass crystal clear.


Window Cleaning, Hopkinton MA - After

Window Cleaning, Hopkinton MA – After

Window Cleaning, Hopkinton MA  - Before

Window Cleaning, Hopkinton MA – Before


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