Winter Window Care Tips

Window Care Tips to keep in mind for the Winter

Aside from solar screens which aid in minimizing the suns impact on the inside of your house, your window screen serves one main function and that is to keep insects out of your house when your windows are open.
You may not have known this but the screen can be detrimental to your windows and frames in the long run. Contaminants build up on your screen and wash off onto the glass and soils them. Aluminum screens will oxidize and wash off in the rain and can cause extremely stubborn stains on your glass that we call screen burn, sometimes so bad that you need to use acids to clean them off or even need to be polished with heavy duty equipment. Another issue is that where the screen comes in contact with the sill, moisture can be trapped which can make your sill rot.
Winter is a great time to remove your screens (there are no insects to worry about). We suggest that you number them so that they can be returned to the same spot that they were in before, you would be surprised at how difficult a screen can be to put back into the window if there is even the slightest deviation in size. Now that your screens are out you are minimizing soiling and damage to both the glass and sills. It will make your glass look clearer as well because you arent looking through the screen. Now is a great time to get repairs done.
We offer a mobile screen repair service. We replace the screening material and can even repair the frames, though some materials need to be special ordered.

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