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Rusted Wrought Iron Railings

Very often when we are pressure washing your house we run across railings that are rusting out, typically down at the base of the railing but I’ve also seen rust and failure in other spots as well.  Personally I figured that you could potentially be able to repair it but I wasn’t entirely sure how.  To me, I would have thought that since the metal from the railing often goes down thought the concrete that the whole set of stairs would need to be replaced.  So I have absolutely no idea how they do it but this company, Anderson Forge & Metal Works, does flawless work.  I highly recommend Bruce and his services.

To follow that up, we are also able to remove residual rust stains that were the result of the railings failing.  We are able to remove most, but not all stains that were the result of an outside source.  To clear up what I mean by outside source.  If there was a piece of iron that was inside of a stone and leached out, that stain would be very difficult to remove.  If it was from something outside of the stone or cement, like rust dripping from the railings, a piece of metal furniture, iron or manganese from your well, or iron from your fertilizer are all typically stains that clean up very well.

In the video I’m applying my products to fairly non porous vinyl.  If it were on porous concrete it would take a bit longer and likely a few more applications.  The staining in this video were the result of an irrigation system from a well.