Exterior Wood Restoration – Hudson MA

Exterior wood restoration is a process of cleaning, stripping the stain off the wood and sanding if needed, then restaining.  Wagner Window Service provides this specialty service.  Sometimes just cleaning the wood isn’t enough because the stain has faded and the sun has damaged (or greyed) the wood.  A good oil based stain repels water which causes the moisture content of the wood to raise.  When the moisture content is above 20% it starts to rot and can support mold and fungus which feeds on the wood.

Wood Restoration isn’t quite as easy as you might think.  First off you need to clean it properly to remove soil, mold, algae and other contaminants.  Selecting the proper cleaning solution is critical.  Just because the cleaning solution made the first step of restoration look good, doesn’t mean that the fungus and algae was killed.  If not dead, it can continue to grow underneath the fresh application of stain, causing it to discolor prematurely.  This cleaning solution can be harsh depending on whether you are just cleaning or stripping the pre existing stain off, so you need to neutralize product after this first step is completed.  When alkaline products (cleaner) and acids (neutralizer) are combined they create salts which need to be rinsed off and then rinsed again, and one final time.  Then we leave, allowing the wood to dry for at least 48 of decent weather.  This preps the wood for staining.

The preferred stain of Wagner Window Services exterior wood restoration is Ready Seal.  Ready seal is a great stain which can be brushed on or sprayed on.  We do both, brushing close to walls, trim, and hard to reach spots and then spray the large open areas.  Ready Seal is such a great product that it doesn’t leave any overlapping brush marks, leaving a uniform finish.  We will apply a stain of your choice but strongly recommend Ready Seal.

Although our wood restoration consist mostly of decks, fences, and gazebos we do restore the occasional house.  The back side of this  house in Hudson MA was restored using a semi solid alkyd  Benjamin Moore stain as requested by the home owner to match the side of the house that was still in good shape.

Hudson MA - Exterior Wood Restoration - Before

Hudson MA – Exterior Wood Restoration – Before

Hudson MA – Exterior Wood Restoration – After

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