Fall Cleaning

Its Time!

It’s Fall cleaning time!

Last minute house washing… Though we can continue to pressure wash at lower temperatures up to a point, ideally your house should be pressure washed at temps above 40 degrees.  Warmer temperatures allow our cleaning solution to work best at killing the algae thats growing on the side of your house.  Our process differs just a bit from conventional pressure washers as some companies use just water, or just soap and water, in conjunction with high pressure to remove the discolorations from your siding.  The problem with this is that the algae is still living in the pores of the siding and tend to grow back relatively quick.  Our products kill the algae meaning that we usually dont see our customers again for a few years.

At this time of year when we wash windows we typically recommend that you keep your screens out for the winter and return them in the spring.  Screens actually contribute to your windows getting dirty.  They will trap dirt and doesn’t allow the wind or rain to rinse the glass or sills off, on the contrary the dirt that collects on the screen will “wash off” when it rains and stay on the glass and sills.  Further more if you have wooden sills, moisture can become trapped under the screen and cause your wooden sills to rot.  Ultimately screens are meant to serve only one purpose and that is to keep bugs out.  During the winter there are little to no insects so there is no reason to keep your screens in.  So we recommend that you leave them out and enjoy the view, there is a big difference between having your screens in compared to out, and when spring comes along clean your windows again and have us put your screens back in for you.

Of course its gutter cleaning season.  Its important to remove all of the debris from your gutters before they start to freeze.  A clog in your downspout can cause your entire gutter system to fill all the way to the brim with water which consequently freezes.  No throw a few snow storms into the mix and the melting snow from the roof has no where to go but on top of a 5″ block of ice.  That is certainly a good start to an ice dam.  When maintained properly the gutter system helps to ensure that the water on your house doesn’t make its way into your house.  It can take as little as 1 pine cone and a few pine needles to back up your whole system.  And for the record we NEVER RECOMMEND store bought gutter guards, especially the plastic ones.  Trust us, they cause nothing but problems.

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  • 5 star review  They did a great job!!! Arrived as promised and also repaired window screens & returned them to me. I recommend them to anyone who will listen.

    thumb Cindy Fitch
  • 5 star review  Did a fantastic job. Going to have them back every year.

    thumb John Bomba