Gutter Cleaning – Newton MA

It was a somewhat warmer day today and I was lucky enough that the gutters that I was cleaning were thawed. These gutters were packed to the top, unfortunately homeowners tend to neglect things that they cannot see which is why gutter cleaning is often forgotten. Gutter systems are important to help reduce ice dams, icicles which can fall and cause damage, and they also channel the water away from the foundation. Foundations are made of concrete, which is permeable and can allow water to flood your basement. I’ve seen many water damages that have resulted merely from the elbow at the bottom of the down spout being knocked off from the landscaper. A poorly maintained gutter system can cause some serious damage. If you notice water flowing over the top of your gutter, or you are unsure of the condition of your gutter, give us a call for an evaluation or to schedule gutter cleaning service.

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