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Some windows aren’t cleaned quite as easily as giving a good scrubbing and squeegee, and certainly not with a bottle of glass cleaner and paper towel. Glass can be affected by much more than dust and bird droppings. Some of the most severe staining can come from something as simple as your sprinkler or even metal oxidation that comes from the aluminum screens on your windows.

Today we are going to talk about your sprinklers. The water that comes from them can have a very high mineral content. When the water from your sprinklers come in contact with the glass, the water evaporates but the minerals that were in the water stay behind. Those minerals such as calcium and magnesium can bond to the glass and leave some nasty deposits. Who would ever think that water could do that much damage???

Here is a window that we cleaned on Saturday.

Window Hard Water Cleaning – Westwood MA

Window Hard Water Cleaning – Westwood MA








These were cleaned using very effective restoration cleaning products.  In some cases glass needs to be restored using power tools to polish (sometimes even completely resurfacing) the glass  back to its original luster.

We recommend that you follow up the restoration by having us apply a glass sealant to help make the water run off of your glass instead of sitting there and drying.

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