Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Shrewsbury MA

Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Shrewsbury MA

Family functions such as birthdays, holidays and graduations can be a stressful time.  There is so much to do in terms of cleaning, cooking, organizing, invitations, decorations, etc.  And when they arrive you have to entertain.  Once they leave the cleaning and organizing starts all over again.  Let us take care of the Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning.

Pressure Washing is one of the details that are very often overlooked.  Those final touches would be enough to really “wow” your guests.  Wagner Window Service specializes in cleaning all of those overlooked areas.  We pressure wash your house removing all of the algae and dirt that tarnishes your house, using low pressure techniques to remove soiling without the risk of damage.  We have special equipment to clean your driveways, walkways, your pool decks and we can even clean your furniture while we are at it. We even have a gutter brightening service to bring back the luster that your gutters had when first installed.

Window Cleaning can really give that final touch to your house. A crystal clear window, so clear that it looks as if the window is open, will give your house that flawless look that will catch your inlaws eye. Because of the heat and amount of allergy sufferers these days, most people tend to keep the windows closed with the air conditioners on. Because people keep the windows closed so much screens do little more than tarnish your view of the outside. The only purpose that screens serve is to keep insects out. If that’s not a concern you should remove them as they can also trap moisture in between the frame of the screen and your wooden window sill, potentially causing the sill to rot. Screens can also cause screen burn, a condition where contaminants from the screen etch themselves onto the glass. We will be delighted to clean your screens, label them for you and store them in your garage or basement for you to clear up the view after your window cleaning.

Call us now to reserve your window cleaning service before Easter, spots are filling up quick.

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  • 5 star review  Tim and his team were very professional and did a great job. They even found a safe place for a nest that was in one of our gutters. I’d call them again!

    thumb melania Dayley
  • 5 star review  So pleased. Tim was friendly and professional. He was timely. His work is impeccable. He didn’t sell me on treatments my home didn’t need. My house is so clean it looks brand new. The machine he uses is so gentle you can barely hear it. Can’t say enough wonderful things. We will definitely call Tim back in a few years!!

    thumb Anne Marie Schulte