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Window Cleaning, Dover MA

Many home designs nowadays sport a large window over the front door that proudly flaunt beautiful chandeliers.  I often clean that window but more often than not, the decor hanging in the window is ignored.  From the exterior during the day, the chandelier isn’t always very visible, at night however they really add curb appeal…

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Window Cleaning, Clinton MA

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite accounts in Clinton MA, The Simple Man Saloon.  It’s a cool restaurant/bar on High St.  The food is excellent, they have live bands and sometimes host events.  There are plenty of televisions and if there is a sporting event on, at least one of the…

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Spring Cleaning, Massachusetts

Its official, Punxsutawney Phil (star of groundhog day) has predicted an early spring.  Good news for me! Spring cleaning is my busiest time of the year.  I often work 7 days a week at 10-12 hours a day.  You don’t have to work that hard though and its not too early for you to book your…

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Window Cleaning, Upton MA

I live in a small town just south of Westboro MA, called Upton.  There isn’t really too much going on here.  There are a few shops that run along route 140 that connects our town with Grafton and Milford.  So when there is a new store opening up, the curiousity creates a small buzz among…

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Pressure Wash, Ashland MA

I’ve decided to bring a few old pictures to my blog so show before and after pictures of some of the jobs from the past, especially pressure washing jobs where you can see a drastic difference.  You may have seen them on my facebook page but I think here is a more appropriate place.    …

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Window Cleaning, Southborough MA

Window Cleaning Southborough MA Sometimes your glass is simply just too high in the air.  Who wants to put the effort in to put a extension ladder up in their living room to clean a window? Its dangerous, the ladders are heavy, and you simply cant really clean glass properly without professional tools.  How irritating…

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Awning Cleaning, Worcester MA

While driving through Worcester today I noticed handfuls of awnings that were in desperate need of service.  Your awning serves multiple purposes.  It can block bright sunlight from entering the store, keep your customers and your sidewalk dry, and most important of all it is a beautiful sign for your business. You don’t want your…

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Store Front Window Cleaning, Clinton MA

Store front and restaurant displays are the portal to your business, they attract your clientele and customers,  take pride in your product and make sure your windows are clean.  Too many times I’ve gone to dinner with my family and noticed the dusty wine rack at the hostess booth, or even cobwebs in the local pizza house…

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Office Cleaning, Worcester County

Imagine: Its Friday night.  Its been a long week.  Your office is a disaster, been so busy that you haven’t had any time to focus on cleaning or maintenance. You go home to your family and enjoy your weekend with your family and friends.  Monday morning you come back to work, fresh and revived, and everything…

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Pressure Washing, Franklin MA

Today I was out looking at a prospective pressure washing job that had small little black dots all over the vinyl siding.  Those small little dots are called artillery fungus (Sphaerobolus spp) that lives on decaying wood, or your problem is more than likely that its living in your mulch bed that is around your…

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Wagner Window Service


  • Tim and his team were very professional and did a great job. They even found a safe place for a nest that was in one of our gutters. I’d call them again!

    melania Dayley Avatar melania Dayley
  • They did a great job!!! Arrived as promised and also repaired window screens & returned them to me. I recommend them to anyone who will listen.

    Cindy Fitch Avatar Cindy Fitch