Shower Door Cleaning and Hardwater Stain Removal in Worcester MA

Shower Door Cleaning and Hard Water Stain Removal in Worcester MA

Water carries minerals in it like calcium and magnesium. These minerals do not evaporate when the water does, so each time you shower a very tiny amount of residue from your water (along with soap scum) is left behind on your shower door. This leaves white marks that have the appearance of white drip marks. A common remedy for this is to use acids to remove the minerals but these products can drip onto other areas and damage tile, metal hinges and latches, faucets and knobs. Wagner Window Service uses power equipment to polish the glass and bring it back to its original state, perfectly clear. We then use hydrophobic sealants to help the water roll off of the glass without leaving hardwater deposits and stains.
Maintenance on your shower door is fairly easy. You can accomplish a lot with a cheap squeegee from the cleaning department from your local store. The more water you remove before it dries, the cleaner your glass will stay. A periodic cleaning and resealing of your glass by a professional window cleaner is always recommended.

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