Snow Removal and Ice Dam in Westborough MA

This Blog Shows How Much Water Can Build Up Behind An Ice Dam

We are all well aware how bad the winter of 2015 has been. Many people have let feet of snow build up during one of the snowiest winters in Massachusetts history. Worcester MA was one of the snowiest cities in the entire United States!

Wagner Window Service has been hard at work removing snow from roofs as quickly as possible as a number of roofs, over 70, have collapsed under the immense weight of the snow. One cubic foot of snow can weigh more than 20 pounds.  So 4 feet of snow on a 10 x 10 roof can weigh 4 tons!

The warmth of your house will start to melt a little of that snow. As the water migrates towards the edge of the house it freezes and causes ice dams and icicles! As the ice dams continue to grow, more and more water gets trapped behind it. Since there is a large wall of ice preventing the water from leaving the roof, the pool of water backs up under the shingles and soaks down into your house. This can cause THOUSANDS of dollars in damage, and if left untreated can cause mold growth within days.

Regular maintenance can be easy with the purchase of a roof rake. But if you run into a situation where you have a lot of snow on your roof or you have water backing up into your house, you NEED a professional! Do not try to climb on your roof, it’s icy!!!

This video shows how much water can build up behind just a 10 foot section of ice.

That was just a small section of the house with a small dam.  Imagine how much water can build up behind a large dam on a large stretch of your house.

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