How to Prepare for your Upcoming Cleaning Appointment

How To Prepare For Your Upcoming Cleaning Appointment

We are frequently asked if there is anything that our customers can do to prepare for their cleaning appointment. Although we pride ourselves as a full service company there are some things that you could do in preparation. Please remember, though these things are always appreciated they are NEVER expected from you.  Here are some things you could do as well as some other things to think about.

Window Cleaning

  • Keep a clear path to the windows that need to be cleaned. It doesn’t happen often but areas that are used for storage such as basements and garages often have a collection of items or shelves that are in the way of the window.  I did mention that we never expect these things from you but this one is a little more important to us than anything.  We need to access the window and trying to clean a garage to get there can prove difficult.
  • Remove small breakable items from the immediate area that we are working in.  We are very happy to move these things for you but if we can eliminate the chance of breaking something then we can all breathe easier.
  • Pull out small furniture such as end tables, computer tables, etc… Keep in mind that there is almost ALWAYS at least two technicians on a job site at all times.  We are happy to move any furniture that we can safely move.
  • Pull back or remove drapes or blinds.  To further this topic, at the time that your windows are cleaned is an excellent time to clean the dust your drapes and blinds.  This goes a long way especially after a long winter where dust is allowed to accumulate, when spring comes and you open up those windows that dust will start to recirculate around your house.  Please note- we will soon be offering drapery and window treatment cleaning, so we may be able to help you out with this very soon.
  • Find somewhere for your pets.  If your pets are friendly and we don’t have to worry about them escaping then we are completely fine with them hanging out with us while we work.  Everyone in our current crew has at least one dog, so we are well accustomed to having animals around.  If your pet is going to try to come home with us then you may want to find a place to keep them secure.
  • If you are aware of any bee or hornet nests around your home, please point them out to us.  We have plenty of experience working around stinging insects without any problems.  If we can eliminate the element of surprise, especially if we discover one while we are on a ladder, it will help us stay safe.

Just remember that it takes more time for us to handle these tasks on our own.  If all that we have to focus on is your window it will streamline our cleaning process.

Pressure Washing

  • IMPORTANT  – If you haven’t checked to see if your water is on after the winter, please do so! Most households turn the outside water source off to prevent freezing and bursting pipes.
  • IMPORTANT – Please be sure that all windows are closed.
  • Pull grills and patio or lawn furniture away from the house.  If they are on the deck, removing them and any other item would be extremely helpful.
  • Decorations and bird houses could be removed from the siding or decks.
  • IMPORTANT – Please bring your dogs inside for their safety.  We will be going in and out of your gates frequently and using a machine and products that could pose a danger to your pet.  We love dogs and if we feel that we can’t operate around your house safely then we would have to reschedule.
  • Please don’t park your cars in front of you garage or close to your house.  Our soap won’t damage your car but it will leave it spotted.  It is also a huge help if we don’t have to try to drag our hoses around your car while trying to navigate around your house.
  • If you can remove your screens from your windows it will allow us to rinse the soap from you glass more efficiently as well as rinse more debris from your window sill.  Its not essential but it does make a difference.  We are always happy to remove them for you if you would like for an additional charge, and for a little bit more we can clean your screens for you as well.

Please note the items listed as IMPORTANT.  There is a good majority of pressure washing customers that we have never met because you really don’t have to be home at the time of service.  If the things listed as important are not taken care of before we arrive for your appointment, we may not be able to complete the job.

Roof Cleaning

  • Please be sure that your water is turned on so that we can mix our product as well as wet your plants, grass and shrubbery down to help prevent damage.
  • Please don’t park your car close to your house.

Gutter Cleaning

  • Please be sure that your water is turned on if we are to rinse your gutters.
  • We often make minor repairs at no charge.  If you tell us ahead of time, or even take pictures and send it to us, we can be prepared and may be able to help you out at the time of service.
  • Please don’t park cars within 10 feet of an area that you have gutters.  Remember that a ladder gets set up on an angle and we might need a little more room than you might think.
  • If you need us to remove debris from your home please let us know or if you live in a wooded area and you don’t mind us leaving the debris in the woods, just let us know.

Wagner Window Service


  • 5 star review  They did a great job!!! Arrived as promised and also repaired window screens & returned them to me. I recommend them to anyone who will listen.

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  • 5 star review  So pleased. Tim was friendly and professional. He was timely. His work is impeccable. He didn’t sell me on treatments my home didn’t need. My house is so clean it looks brand new. The machine he uses is so gentle you can barely hear it. Can’t say enough wonderful things. We will definitely call Tim back in a few years!!

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