Window Cleaning, Dover MA

Many home designs nowadays sport a large window over the front door that proudly flaunt beautiful chandeliers.  I often clean that window but more often than not, the decor hanging in the window is ignored.  From the exterior during the day, the chandelier isn’t always very visible, at night however they really add curb appeal to your property.  From the inside of your house it is hard to not pay attention to such a large structure even though your light fixture often hangs 10-15 feet over the floor.  You may get used to seeing it and not pay too much attention but I assure you that your guests and people passing by do.  Occasional maintenance is required to remove dust and other contaminates from your chandelier.  Trying to pull this off by yourself could be a very overwhelming task.

Wagner Window Service can provide you with the service that you are in need of.  We sit atop a ladder and systematically remove each crystal strand, cleaning each crystal individually.  While the crystals are removed the brass (or other metal) is polished, restoring the original luster that was present when first installed.  We can also replace the light bulbs for you that are too far out of reach for you.  Wagner Window Service will make your the lights from your chandelier refract through each crystal with radiance that will make you and everyone else notice your investment once again.  Just because it’s out of reach doesn’t mean that it should be neglected.  Call us now and we will come out and provide you with an on site estimate.  We can handle all of your chandelier cleaning needs!

Wagner Window Service


  • Excellent! Job well done, guys were on time, efficient and did an GREAT job. So happy with their service!

    Danielle Kelleher Avatar Danielle Kelleher
  • They did a great job!!! Arrived as promised and also repaired window screens & returned them to me. I recommend them to anyone who will listen.

    Cindy Fitch Avatar Cindy Fitch