Window Cleaning Medfield MA

Window Cleaning in Medfield MA

One of my most memorable window cleaning jobs was in Medfield MA.  The house was gorgeous and hard to forget.  The homeowner is a local interior designer.  I’ve never seen her work in anyone else’s house but if she put even a fraction of what she put into her house, you it would be well worth their investment.  Her draperies were so beautiful, I almost wanted to take them down just to ensure that I didn’t get a drop of water on them.  Instead I carefully used some coat hangers to prop them up and out of the way but in such a way that they didn’t get wrinkled.  It’s a trick that I learned while working for Colonial Chem Dry to prevent the window treatments from touching wet carpets. The overall beauty of the house put me in a mode of extreme care, as if I moved to turned too quickly I might mar the delicate elegance of the room.  It’s not too often in over 12 years in the cleaning industry that I’ve seen a house as immaculate as this.  Here are is a link some of her work LME Designs

The most memorable moment happened only minutes after I arrived.  I carried my gear to the furthest point of the house and went to open the window to remove the screen but the cat jumped up onto the sill.  I picked the cat up and placed him on the floor and returned to the area I was in and opened the window, to which the cat jumped back up on the sill.  Now realizing that this could be a problem I picked him back up and removed him from the room.  Returned back to my area and removed the screen and as I was turning around the cat had opened the door and sprinted back to the open window and jump back up on the sill before I could put the screen down.  I quietly and calmly said “no kitty” and took one step closer, the cat looked back at me and launched himself out the window!  I sprinted to the kitchen where the family was to let them know what happened and we all exited the house to locate the cat, which took us close to an hour.  Thankfully the cat was okay, I was a little frazzled though.  That was the last thing that I had expected.

Window Cleaning Medfield MA

Window Cleaning Medfield MA

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