Window Cleaning, Southborough MA

Window Cleaning Southborough MA

Sometimes your glass is simply just too high in the air.  Who wants to put the effort in to put a extension ladder up in their living room to clean a window? Its dangerous, the ladders are heavy, and you simply cant really clean glass properly without professional tools.  How irritating is it when you take your time to use store bought glass cleaning products only to find, usually later on that afternoon, that there are streaks EVERYWHERE!  Hire a window cleaning professional and take advantage of  Wagner Window Service’s streak free guarantee!

On a side note, If you absolutely have to clean a pane of glass with store bought products, on one side of the glass clean with only an up and down motion, on the other side clean only with a side to side motion.  This way you always know which side the streaks that you are missing are on.  Just remember that you could always call us to eliminate your problem

Wagner Window Service


  • Tim and his team were very professional and did a great job. They even found a safe place for a nest that was in one of our gutters. I’d call them again!

    melania Dayley Avatar melania Dayley
  • They did a great job!!! Arrived as promised and also repaired window screens & returned them to me. I recommend them to anyone who will listen.

    Cindy Fitch Avatar Cindy Fitch