Window Cleaning, Upton MA

I live in a small town just south of Westboro MA, called Upton.  There isn’t really too much going on here.  There are a few shops that run along route 140 that connects our town with Grafton and Milford.  So when there is a new store opening up, the curiousity creates a small buzz among the town.  Every one slows down as they drive by, and stares into the empty store.  The building that I’m speaking of is right across the town common on North Main Street, next to the church.  It seemed like an eternity as they were renovating the building and it seemed slower that they started to move things in.  Then finally, a banner! It wasn’t a new store at all.  It was the store that was located on the corner of Fiske St and Main St called A Little Common Sense.   Today I was asked to clean their windows and was pleasantly surprised at what was inside.  What a great place! They sell lots of products that are produced locally, antiques, they offer classes like knitting and jewelry making, and there are a few other ideas that she has which will be GREAT for the town of Upton and surrounding towns.  They are one of those places that when you walk in, you feel like you are visiting and not just shopping.    Please stop in and support your community and keep yourself up to date on whats going on at their website A Little Common Sense.

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  • Tim and his crew are second to none , aside from the fantastic customer service and superior quality work. The entire team shows a tremendous amount of character, and ethics , something you do not see in this day and age very often. As a small business owner I am proud to recommend Tim and his crew for any job. They came to my shop and did all the windows, and no word of a lie , they were so clean it looked like they took the glass out.they also cleaned all the window sills, and trim, awesome job!!!!! Thanks Guys !!!!!!

    Jim Wilson Avatar Jim Wilson
  • Great breakfast

    Roger Deschenes Avatar Roger Deschenes