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This blog is a little different.  Its my wifes experience of the way things have been since I’ve started my business and her accompanying me on a job.

A day In the life of a window cleaner

In April about two years ago I found out I was getting laid off from my job , that night as I went to sleep thinking about what was going to happen to my family and the home my husband and I had just purchased the year before, my husband was coming up with a plan to go for it and start a window cleaning company. The next morning when he told me about his plan I wasn’t really sure what to think except if anything it could generate some extra money if we were in a bind. So over the next few weeks he booked a couple window cleaning jobs and was totally exhausted at the end of his very long day and honestly I thought to myself what is he so tired from he’s just cleaning windows, and how could this possibly make us money. Well it was just my luck that he had asked for my help a few weeks later, ” a decent sized one floor house” were his words if I remember correctly. As we pulled up to his customers house I had no idea what I was in for, I figured what he had said was true it was a small ranch with a big bay window in front from what i could see, and there were two of us so I figured we could be done by lunchtime with no problem. As we walked in and introduced ourselves we began to walk around the house and take a look at all the windows that needed to be cleaned and any problem areas we needed to pay special attention to, I realized we might be there a little longer than I had thought. Not only did we need to clean the windows there were also screens, storm windows, and don’t forget the debris and dirt in the tracks! Needless to say that job wasn’t what I had thought it was going to be in my head at all, its a very physical, detail oriented, long process if you want to give your customer first of all what they hired you to do, and secondly give a level of professionalism and pride in the service you are providing for your customers. I walked away from that job with a whole new appreciation and respect for what my husband had been doing the weeks before he had taken me on my first job with him and what he was trying to establish as a businessman. I’m proud to say almost two years later he is on the verge of turning his experience, knowledge, research, and long hours of work into an impressive business and I couldn’t be more excited for him.

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  • They did a great job!!! Arrived as promised and also repaired window screens & returned them to me. I recommend them to anyone who will listen.

    Cindy Fitch Avatar Cindy Fitch
  • Great breakfast

    Roger Deschenes Avatar Roger Deschenes